More -at Word Family Activities

Here are a few more things ALuv and I did with the -at Word Family.  These were not done all in one day; rather stretched out over a week.

Timed Sorts. ALuv re-matched the words and pictures to review.  He matched them again as I timed him.  The third time, I asked him if he could do it even quicker to beat his own time.  He did, but didn’t want to go for another round. 🙂

We made a flip book. The onset (or beginning letter) goes on the left side, the rime in the middle, and a picture on the right to match the entire word.  If you don’t have pictures, the child can draw them.

Read Cat on the Mat again, then built the sentences back from the story.

Played “I Spy” with words.  We laid out all the -at words.  I said, “I Spy the word /s/-/a/-/t/.”  He had to blend the three sounds together to figure out which word I was saying.  He didn’t have any trouble with this.  If your child does have trouble blending the sounds in words, refer back to my post on releasing responsibility to your child.

I’ll show you a few more activities we did in another post.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Godfrey
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 16:01:16

    Becky, Where to you get your pictures for your “Timed Sort” and “Flip Book”?
    I know you said they could draw them, but I love yours!


    • thisreadingmama
      Mar 09, 2011 @ 19:40:25

      Aren’t they awesome? I got them out of one of the Words Their Way supplements (Sorts for Letter Name-Alphabetic Spellers). The word/picture sorts are in there. They are drawn by Dr. Francine Johnston, my advisor and professor for many of the courses I took. If you don’t want to purchase the supplements, drawing the pictures or getting them off the internet (google images or clip art) would be another good option.


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