Literacy Rich Home

I wanted to provide just a few snapshots to show the ways that I try to provide a literacy rich environment at home.  This is just one way to “marinate” my kids in literacy at an early age.

Label everything.  The toilet, the refrigerator, the pantry, etc.  You can use sentence strips or index cards.  I get wise cracks from visitors sometimes: “Oh, do you not know where your pantry is?”  But you’d be amazed at how my kids have responded to these.  ALuv likes to read the words and use the words to help him spell.  NJoy likes to look for letters in the words.  Labels help kids to see from an early age that letters and words serve an authentic purpose and are important to readers.

A couple more labels.

Books at their level.

This white little “shelf” is from Ikea and the idea is from Carisa @ 1+1+1=1 (couldn’t find link, sorry!).

ALuv is reading the new book MBug got for Valentine’s Day.

The crayons are drawn onto stock paper and laminated for durability.  Color words have been important to ALuv since he was 3 years old.  We got a Dr. Jean CD featuring a song entitled, Color Train.  He LOVED the song.  Honestly, I found it to be kind of annoying until…I “caught” him singing the song and spelling out the color words!  Wow!


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