More of -at and -an

Here are a few more things we did with -at and -an:

Made words with -at and -an chunks and beginning letters

Played “I Spy” with phonemes (or individual sounds):

After laying out all of his words on the floor, I would say, “I Spy /b/ /a/ /t/,” pausing about 1 second in between each letter sound.  He would blend the sounds together, say the word, and point to the correct word.  (Blending can be difficult for some children.  If it is for your child, you could adjust it by pausing less in between each letter sound.  You could also model how to blend them together until you say the entire word.)

Predictable Book: I Can See

This is a little book that I wrote to practice our -at and -an words.  We were also working on the sight words the and look.  I enlarged the pictures from our Words Their Way sort.  ALuv colored the pictures from the sort, cut them out, and after reading the text on each page, he glued the correct pictures down.  After doing each page, he went back and read the text.

Click here for the I Can See book (on the last page of this document are pictures from Google images that your child can color, cut out, and glue down).

I had to include one more cute picture I found in the archives.  He was so excited to see -at words he knew right in the title-imagine that!


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