Goodnight Green

Writing has always been one of those things I quite enjoy.  I can remember keeping a Writer’s Notebook long before they were ever used as a writing strategy in the classroom.  I still have one of mine,which contains snippets of stories and poetry I wrote years and years ago.  As a teacher I composed songs, poetry, or stories every once in a blue moon (it was very hard to find the time!) and as a reading tutor, I wrote texts for my students if I couldn’t find one that satisfied the interest and need of a student.

Now that I’m homeschooling, I write poems and songs for my kids and hang them on the kitchen wall for about 1-2 weeks; then I change them out.  The kitchen is a good place in our house because we see the text multiple times a day.  I incorporate themes we’re working on (Goodnight Green is for St. Patrick’s Day) as well as many words ALuv knows.  This gives him practice interacting with the words we’ve studied in context.  I don’t really make a big deal of these or have a list of activities he has to do with the text.  Sometimes I find him reading them, even when I’m doing something else; which is really cool to me.

Here is NJoy, finding a word with two o‘s.  For some reason, o is his absolute favorite letter.  It was the first letter he identified on his own, before the age of 2.  It’s a good thing his name has an o in it or we’d be up the creek! 🙂


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