-an & -ad Word Activities

After our -at and -an word activities (see former posts), ALuv and I moved onto comparing -an and -ad word families.  I decided to keep the -an family so I wasn’t moving on into all new territory with him.  We used the word and picture sort #7 from Words Their Way: Word Sorts for Letter Name -Alphabetic Spellers.  This was done in December and took us about 2 weeks.
Here are some things that we did:

1. I introduced it much like I did Day 1 of  this lesson.

2. He wrote words from his sort on our mirror and GloDoodle.  (I wished I had taken pictures of this.  Both boys LOVE the Crayola markers that write on glass as well as the GloDoodle.)

3. Since it was around Christmas time, we read several versions of  The Gingerbread Man and compared them to one another.  (The Stinky Cheese Man is also a funny one for kids to read.)  I then adapted a decodable Reading a-z.com book entitled Dan the Tan Man into one that ALuv could read a bit easier–click here: Dan the Tan Man revised.

We highlighted all the -an and -ad words.  Then ALuv and I shared the reading.  I read all the words that weren’t highlighted and he read all the ones that were.

By the way, although Reading a-z is a site where you have to be a member to download the books, you can click here and get some sample books.

4.  We read the pages from Hop on Pop, a Dr. Seuss book full of word family fun.

5. We glued and wrote our words in our Word Study Notebook–a place where we keep track of all the word patterns we’ve studied; similar to dictionary or a “word wall”, but in a notebook.


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