Craft Time!

I’ll be honest—I am not a huge fan of crafts.  The poor students in my classroom rarely ever did a craft unless it fulfilled other teaching objectives.  I didn’t do crafts for craft’s sake as some other teachers did.  Even with our MOPS crafts, you’ll usually find me at the table talking with the other moms as they do their craft (except for the day we did teaching trays…boy, that was right up my alley!!).  In general, crafts and I just don’t jive.  But when I made the choice to teach ALuv and NJoy at home, I knew I’d have to sacrifice my “craft strike”.  So I sneak in a craft every once in a while, but I still try to incorporate other skills as well.  This week, we made springtime flowers from DLTK’s website.

I was drawn to this craft mainly because it incorporated some fun fine motor work:

coloring & drawing (NJoy also reviewed shapes and colors)

spraying with water

Now our playroom looks like Spring!


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