Everyday Literacy 1

Here are a few ways we integrate literacy into everyday life around here.  I started a list and realized rather quickly that I needed to divide these into two different posts.

When we think of the term “literacy”, we usually think of  writing and reading.  But literacy also includes listening and speaking (I would also suggest to you singing 🙂 ).

SuperWhy from PBS

I like SuperWhy because it appeals to kids who are in stage 1 (The ABC’s)  and 2 (Beyond the ABC’s)  of reading; so there’s something for NJoy and ALuv.  MBug actually likes SuperWhy, too, because of Wyatt’s big eyes!  We have other favorites on DVD; such as Scholastic’s collection and Leap Frog Letter Factory, but SuperWhy continues to be our favorite on regular TV.

Music Time

We get out our favorite CDs (usually a Greg & Steve, Dr. Jean, or Jana Alayra) and some cushions for some “make shift” indoor trampolines and bounce and sing away.  Literacy is incorporated because songs rhyme and lyrics can be written down for kids to follow along.

Writing Fun

Making an O with the GloDoodle                                                      “I made a Q!”

We have a GloDoodle, MagnaDoodle (large and small), and AquaDoodle (floor mat and travel size).  I love all three because marker and crayon does not end up all over my walls!

Simply coloring a picture in a coloring book (from $1 store)–practicing those fine motor skills!

We enjoy writing in many different ways.  To see some more ideas, visit Writing to Read (under Literacy Development on the navigation bar).

Leap Frog Magnetic

Learning Toys









We have several of these sets and I rotate them out weekly.  I just wish Leap Frog made one with magnetic numbers!

Print on Walls

Word Walls

Awana Verses

Morning Message


Poems or Songs

(This is one I wrote, which hung on our kitchen wall for about 3 weeks in January.)

websites ALuv can read & type in himself

I’ll get more of my ideas to you in another post soon.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jackie
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 21:38:03

    Love how you left the websites for him to type in. What authentic practice of reading and writing!


    • This Reading Mama
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 21:53:24

      Thanks, I did this in the classroom and I thought, why can’t I do this at home as well?!? I just had to warn him that I need to be present for him to get on the internet. The other day, we were on youtube and an awful ad popped up when I clicked on a video for an abc song! Crazy world we live in!!!


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