Everyday Literacy 2

Here are a few more ways in which we integrate literacy into our everyday life around this reading mama’s house.

Literacy Toys-Many of these were bought as birthday or Christmas presents and are rotated out weekly to keep them “fresh”.

Letter blocks: I got at Target in the $1 section.

Puzzles: I bought these particular foam ABC puzzles at the $1 store several years ago and used them in my K classroom (now they have bite marks on them, brought to you by NJoy!).  We have other ABC puzzles, too, including Melissa & Doug’s Alphabet Train puzzle that was purchased at Michael’s Craft Store with a 60% off coupon!  Loved that deal!!

Foam letters for bathtub: From Target in the bathtub/baby section.  I bought two sets to make it easier to spell words.  They come with numbers as well.

VSmile: It honestly doesn’t even compare to the updated, more elaborate gaming systems out there.  But don’t tell my boys that.  They both LOVE it!  You can find a system and games at almost any consignment sale.

Leapfrog’s Tag & Tag Jr.: When Papa Bill asked what to get his boys for Christmas, I knew just what to tell him.  Both boys enjoy their Tags.  ALuv will sometimes swipe NJoy’s and play with it, too!

NJoy with his Tag Jr.

Would you like green eggs and ham?

Leapfrog’s Little Touch LeapPad: Even though this one is designed for infants-36 months, ALuv still plays with it upon rotation.  We have about 8 of the little books that go with it and I rotate these out as well.

And of course…Books, books, books.  You can never have enough books, right?  I am picky about my books and I don’t like to pay too much for them, but we enjoy our books around here!


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