Balancing Her Beauty & the Bedlam

MBug is our precious, little girl who just recently turned ONE!  Where did the year go??  After having two boys, I was very surprised (and excited) to hear, “It’s a girl!”  We call her “beautiful” all the time.  I want her to always hear that she’s beautiful; inside and out (most importantly on the inside).  My prayer is that she will believe this, even when those trying teenage years come!

With all her beauty comes the bedlam.  Jen has nailed it in the title of her blog: Balancing Beauty & Bedlam (this blog ROCKS, by the way).  It truly is a balancing act and some days I feel I have too many balls in the air with not enough hands to catch them all.  I know somebody can relate!  Currently, there’s a lot of bedlam over here when MBug participates in school with us.  I know this phase will pass right before my eyes and I’ll miss it, but I’m just going to be honest and say that it can be frustrating at times.

For example, NJoy no longer has chairs at his table.  She climbs up on them and then gets on top of the table; not to mention she pulls everything off the table that he’s trying to work on.  Even with distractions from mama, she prefers NJoy’s work.

One day, I came into the schoolroom and saw this:

Usually, sitting on tables in not allowed, but what else was he to do??  He simply wanted to color his butterflies in peace…poor, little guy!

One thing we’ve recently tried is putting his work on the pocket chart (if possible) when she’s awake.  As you can see, NJoy can barely reach it himself!  This worked and I was encouraged.  Now, if I could only adapt everything for the pocket chart…

I used to pull out our teaching mats and she would just sit and coo while she watched her older brothers work.

Gone are those days!

Pretty much anything on the floor has to be reserved for times when she’s asleep; which can be hard to manage, since she and NJoy rest at the same time each day.

But with all her bedlam, she is absolutely beautiful and she has a special place in my heart…and in the hearts of her big brothers and daddy.

She is already showing signs that she’s ready for school.  This is her absolute favorite toy to play with in the schoolroom.  She sneaks in there at all times of the day to pull this off NJoy’s table and “color.”

She is enjoys reading, when she can find just the right book…

(this shelf makes it easier & less messy!)

…and she climbs up in the little chair, or in my lap, to read.  Too sweet!

Yes, I’ll admit it-the bedlam can be frustrating for me (and for her big brothers) at times, but if I had to live without my, little beauty to be bedlam free, I’ll take the craziness any day!  I LOVE YOU, MBug!


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