Making Connections

Good readers make connections when they read.  It might sound like, “Oh that’s happened to me before…” or “I felt the same exact way when…”

It is important that young readers not only make connections, but that the connections they make are meaningful.  Meaningful connections are those that connect to the bigger ideas (the main idea, the lesson being taught, the plot)  in the story.  For example, the fact that the main character in the book has her bedroom walls painted the same color as your child’s does not make for a meaningful connection.  But if the character in the book is disappointed about something, your child could think back to a time when he was disappointed.  By doing this, he can relate to how the character feels as well as predict what he thinks the character might do about it.

There are three different kinds of meaningful connections kids can make:

1) Text-to-Self,  2) Text-to-Text  & 3) Text-to-World



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