Stage 3: Looking for Patterns (roughly 7-9 year olds)

                        READING BEHAVIORS                                                            SPELLING BEHAVIORS

  • begin to focus more on finding familiar patterns or chunks within words
  • need  context clues less as they decode, but still may use the text to help them figure out unknown words
  • begin to read silently, without needing to vocalize
  • reading becomes more fluent as they are able to think past word-by-word to phrase-by-phrase
  • comprehension comes more naturally as they don’t have to spend as much time decoding and can focus more on comprehending
  • self-correct when text doesn’t make sense
  • non-fiction is typically harder for them to comprehend than fiction because of its specific vocabulary, text features and text structures
  • sight word vocabulary greatly increases


(WTW 3rd ed, 23 & Reading Development)

  • are comfortable spelling short vowel words (CVC)
  • as spellers progress within the stage they:
    • spell r-influenced words correctly (words with ir, er, ur, and or)
    • spell less frequently used vowel patterns correctly (such as toil or chew
    • learn how to spell most one-syllable long vowel words, but will still confuse sometimes
  • towards the end of the stage, spellers can spell most any regular one-syllable word (words like weight may still confuse them)


WTW calls them Within Word Pattern Spellers

(WTW 3rd ed, 16 & Stages of Spelling Development)


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