This Reading Mama’s Suggestions: Stage 2

  • Read, read, read to your child!  Immerse your child in rich literature.  Set up a routine or a special time of day that you read to your child.
  • Rich literature leaves lots of room for modeling comprehension strategies to your child.  For example, this reading mama might say: “Oh boy, that character really is in a pickle.  I predict that he will…”  In this stage, kids begin to read themselves.  The kinds of books they can read independently don’t typically lend themselves to comprehension, so it is important that you read books that do.

Word Study:

o        Short vowels, initially through word families.

o        Comparing the sounds/patterns in different short vowels

o        Towards the middle and end of this stage, work on blends and digraphs.  Words Their Way: Word Sorts for Letter-Name Alphabetic Spellers has some great sorts with pictures to help kids with these.

Word Walls/Sight Words:

If you haven’t already, create a Word Wall at home (under Literacy Development on my blog) of sight words.  Sight words make up about 50% of what we read.  Here is a link to list of sight words.  This is the stage where the sight word vocabulary begins to really stick.  ALuv is at the beginning of this stage, so we only work on 1-2 sight words a week.

Texts for Child to Read

Make sure that the text your child reads is developmentally appropriate.  There are a few kinds of texts that I have ALuv read to me.

Predictable texts: repeat a phrase over and over again in the book. Example: I like to jump.  I like to run.  I like to draw.  I like to read.

Decodable texts: written to practice a particular phonics skill.  Example: Dan ran to the tan van to get a can.

Texts written by this reading mama:

Poetry-this is one I wrote for Thanksgiving and it stayed up for 2 weeks.  I hung it in our kitchen and ALuv would read it quite often.  NJoy was working on his colors at the same time, so it served both purposes.

Morning Message

See Carissa’s explanation of a morning message on her blog. I’m not so consistent with doing one each day.  But when I do, I write mine on a dry erase board and it gives ALuv an authentic reason to read.

  • Re-read texts for fluency.  Fluency does not come the first time a child reads a text.  I have a box for ALuv of the books he can read.  About twice a week, he gets three books from the bin and reads them to me.

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