Stage 4 & Stage 5

4-Add on the Syllables (roughly 9-14 year olds)              

5-Builing Vocabulary (middle/high school, college)

                                 READING BEHAVIORS                                                              SPELLING BEHAVIORS

Stage 4 & Stage 5 Combined

  • word recognition becomes more automatic
  • comprehension becomes easier as they read more for meaning and understanding
  • a shift takes place from learning to read to reading to learn
  • develop strong opinions about the type of genre they prefer to read (historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, etc.)
  • gain large amounts of vocabulary from their reading
  • non-fiction is typically harder for them than fiction because of its specific vocabulary and text structure


(WTW 3rd ed, 23-25 & Reading Development)

Stage 4: Add on the Syllables

  • can spell most one-syllable short, long, and ambiguous words correctly; but now it’s time to take what they know and apply it to longer words
  • confuse spellings where the syllables meet (such as when to double a letter before adding –ing or –ed)
  • tend to misspell unaccented syllables, spelling INVUTATION for invitation or CONFUDINT for confident
  • also misspell some prefixes and suffixes (such as PER- for pre– or –SION for –tion)

 WTW calls them Syllables and Affixes Spellers

(WTW 3rd ed, 18 & Stages of Spelling Development)

  Stage 5: Building Vocabulary

  • spell most common words correctly, but can confuse patterns such as:
    • unaccented syllable spellings (schwa)
    • silent consonants (EMFASIZE for emphasize)
    • some suffixes and prefixes (MISPELL for misspell)
    • “borrowed” word spellings


WTW calls them Derivational Relations Spellers

(WTW 3rd ed, 20)


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