Meet the Family

“ALuv”-5yrs old

ALuv is a lover.  From an early age, we realized that his love language was most definitely physical touch–and still is.  He is head over heels in love with his baby sister and gives her lots of affection.  He loves his family and wants to be with us–so much so, that he declared himself homeschooled long before I even considered it!  ALuv is also our engineer.  Legos are his medium of choice, as he could sit for hours (literally) and build amazing vehicles and structures.  “Build something, mommy”…man, if I only had half of that creativity!

“NJoy”-2 years old

NJoy brings so much joy into our life…he’s just happy.  Even as a baby, people would approach me in the store and ask, “Is he always this happy?”  YES!  When NJoy wakes up in the morning, he can be heard playing in his bed, making loud and joyful noises.  He takes immense joy in making people laugh and will do (almost) anything to get people to do so.  NJoy is also our “out of the box” thinker and keeps us on our toes!  He savors every mud puddle, jumping in and splashing about despite our attempts to keep him out.

“MBug”-9 months old

“MBug” is an abbreviation of a name we were already using for this sweet, little girl.  I also call her my “go with the flow” baby!  She’s content to be where we are and loves her family, especially ALuv.  She is beginning to take on the name “octopus arms” because she has a reach like none other.  We are constantly asking ourselves—“How did she get that?”  At 9 months, she shows signs that she will take off crawling any day now.  Look out world, here comes MBug!


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